Artwork Inventory is a database designed specifically to meet the needs of professional and emerging artists.

It us made using Filemaker software. Filemaker is owned by Apple, but no longer supports the option for developers to issue ‘runtime applications’ for distribution. What that means is that in order to run on Mac OSx High Sierra or later (10.12 < ) you will need to purchase a copy of Filemaker (about $540).  It will however work with Filemaker Go for your iphone and ipad.  Filemaker go is free on the app store.  The database needs to be loaded onto that device using whichever file application you have that can export to applications on your IOS device.

Artwork Inventory still works on PC, native Filemaker and IOS.

The videos and documentation are slightly out of date, but the concepts are the same.  Web hosting is no longer an option.

Keep track of your Artwork, your Contacts, your Consginment Forms and Invoices.  Easily prepare printouts for presentation packets, or email groups of images to your contacts. You can even manage the artwork on your website. The application works on Mac and PC, and can be run from a thumb drive.  The price is $150.


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