Inventory: Keep track of who you’ve shown a work to, its exhibition history, and any notes that might be relevant, as well as standard elements (dimensions, prices, location etc) you expect.
You can also immediatley create an Invoice, Consignment Form (loan out), Price List, Presentation pages, Email images, or add items for website updating from this screen.

Inventory View

Sometimes it’s easier to look through groups of artworks in a list to select the individual record, or use the Quick List to fine tune your selection Artworks to create a bulk action – create a price list, or lables, or email a group of images.
You can choose a specific order to sort the works by, or click on the column header to sort by that field.

Inventory List View image


You can create printouts for a physical reminder of your works – either ‘1 up’ or ‘6 up’.

Single Image printout image6 images per page image

Create Price lists from a group of paintings with the click of a button. Choose the order, then print with images.

The input screen – adjust the order by number.

The printed price list.

Keep a handle on your mailing list.  Group individuals by categories you define. You can even add an image of a person to help you remember. Simply drag the image from a website to the image placeholder, or select one from your local computer.


Contact Individual record image

Again, you can view your contacts in list view for easier selecting using the quicklist, or sorting with the list header.


Make professional invoices with images, and keep track of payments.

Invoice printed image

The input screen lets you calculate taxes and discounts, or mark the tax as ‘resale’ or ‘out of state’

invoice input screen image

Keep track of your Consignments – Stop relying on random slips of paper that need to be cross referenced. Mark pieces as sold or returned to keep track of what is left with the consignor (gallery or consultant or an individual).  You can add works to an existing consignment form, or create a fresh form with each delivery of artwork.

Consignment input screen image

And print with images


Create mailing labels or artwork labels for exhibitions or the back of artworks.  You can use the 10, 30 or 80 per page.  You can also easily insert blanks to make the printout fit a partially used sheet of labels

Labels input screen image Printed Labels image


Well, that gives you the basic idea.  Most artists realize they need something a little more than an excel spreadsheet, and the longer we put off the task of keeping track of what we’ve created, the harder and more daunting the task becomes.

While Artwork Inventory strives to be extremely easy to use, there is a learning curve.  I encourage you to download the demo to try before you buy.


Thanks for reading!