About Images

About images:

While not a requirement, you should use an image that is at least 1800 pixels in the longest dimenstion.  This will allow for quality printing at 6 inches.

Artwork Inventory will automatically create 3 images from your original when you use the ‘insert images’ button. These will be attached to the databse, and your original image will be left alone.

The print size image will be resized down to 1800 pixels.
The email size image is determined by the maximum dimensions from the setup screen.  The default is 600 pixels
A small thumnail image is also generated.


Alternate images:

An artwork can have as many alternate image views as necessary.  Use the ‘manage images’ button, then select the ‘alternate images’ tab.  Insert images as normal.  You can only use one image at a time for printing or emailing. In the inventory alternate image portal, scroll to the image you wish to use, then click the ‘swap to primary’ button to make it the current image.
** It is recommended that you have the best looking images you can make of your artwork.  Before adding images to the database, ensure that they are cropped and color corrected as best as possible.  Additionally, the name of the image file should have the tiltle without punctuation.